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Dove Prism

Short Description:

  • Material: H-K9L, Fused silica, other Optical glass
  • Size: 1mm+
  • Tolerance: +0/-0.1 mm
  • Surface Quality: 40-20
  • Surface Accuracy: λ/10
  • Coating: Customize

Product Detail

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The Dove prism is a rotator. After the light passes through this prism, the image is reversed by about 180°. In addition, when the prism is rotated with its optical axis, the rotation angle of the image is twice the rotation angle of the prism. Metal-coated Dove prism can replace the retroreflector. The prism can be considered as a right-angle prism to remove excess right-angle parts. This reduces the weight of the prism and the internal reflection of the stray light.

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